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"We have but one rule here, and that is that every student must be a gentleman."
   ~Robert E. Lee

Fraternity colors – Crimson and Old Gold
Official Flowers – Magnolia and Crimson Rose
“Dieu et les Dames” translates to “God and the Ladies”

Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington College, now Washington and Lee, on December 21, 1865 in Lexington, VA.  The four founders were: James Ward Wood, William Nelson Scott, Stanhope McClelland Scott, and William Archibald Walsh
The Alpha Gamma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order was founded by Julius Fellows Ariail of Chi Chapter on July 2, 1885.   Alpha Gamma is said to have had the first chapter house in KA, Louisiana, and in the South

About Kappa Alpha Order

The men of Kappa Alpha Order are known as the gentlemen of the fraternity world.  This title was not self-chosen and it was not given to us, it has however, been earned, year after year, by men who have chosen to let Kappa Alpha be an adjunct to their faith, morals, opinions and beliefs.  

Kappa Alpha Order’s founders sought to preserve the masculine virtues of chivalry, respect for others, reverence for women, and honor to God that were personified by Robert E. Lee during the most difficult period of this country’s history: The Civil War.

Today, Kappa Alpha still commemorates the tradition and virtues of Lee and the Old South as it continues to produce leaders in society.  Robert E. Lee was never initiated into Kappa Alpha Order, but we do rejoice in his noble life.  Seven of his attributes stand out as the most noteworthy: sincerity, moral strength, dignity, humbleness, courtesy, sympathy, and religious fervor.  We are immensely proud and honored that his legacy is forever woven into the fabric of our conduct and conscience.  
Alpha Gamma is proud of having a great social tradition at LSU, specifically Old South and Convivium. Alpha Gamma is very proud of its heritage and strives to pass on Lee’s virtues to its brothers.

Through proper deportment and general high standing, Alpha Gamma has obtained the good will and confidence of the faculty and retains it by its good reputation.  Alpha Gamma has always believed that no permanent good effects can result from bad means; that the best way to promote it’s interests is by the careful selection of members, so that none of them can be pointed to as a weak link; by strict faith and honesty, by fighting all rivals fairly and openly and by preserving concord and brotherly feeling among its members.   Alpha Gamma is at present in a highly prosperous condition, is well balanced, and is composed of men of a marked degree of congeniality.